Wife Fatally Poisons ‘Unfaithful’ Husband With Eye Drops


  • Lana Clayton is now charged with murder and unlawful malicious tampering of food after admitting to poisoning her husband, Steven Clayton, with eye drops.
  • While the motive has not yet been released, Lana has previously complained online about her husband’s alleged affair and has already started legal action on her late husband’s estate.
  • Meanwhile, neighbors who saw her as a nice lady were shocked by the arrest, while some even knew her from Bible study.

A Bible-studying South Carolina woman, who once complained online about her unfaithful husband, has now been charged with murder after admitting to poisoning him with eye drops.

Lana Clayton, 52, was arrested on Friday after an autopsy revealed a high amount of tetrahydrozoline in her husband’s body.

The chemical, usually found in over-the-counter drops such as Visine, reduces redness by restricting blood vessels. When it’s swallowed, however, it acts as a neurotoxin which attacks the nervous system.

 According to the York County Sherriff’s office, Clayton said she spiked her husband’s water with eye drops during the three-day period from July 19 to 21.

Her 64-year-old husband Steven Clayton was then found dead on July 21st in their $800,000 home in Clover, South Carolina. It seemed like he had fallen down the stairs.

According to The Herald of Rock Hill, S.C., the palatial house, which Steven had carefully worked to restore, was designed as a copy of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

Steven was an accountant and founder of Physical Therapy Resources, a national company with branches throughout the United States. According to his obituary in the Herald, he retired in 1995. Meanwhile, Lana worked in nursing for the VA hospital in Charlotte, according to a friend’s statement to a local newspaper.

Steven’s funeral was held in the home’s backyard on Aug. 4, which was before the autopsy results revealed the cause of death,  WSOC-TV reported.

While a motive has not yet been released, Lana had suggested her husband was unfaithful back in March 2010 when she posted a comment on her Facebook page.

 “My husband is not a drunk he had an affair. However, he is the father of my children and my kids look at my Facebook. I do appreciate the support though,” she wrote.

The Herald also reported that she had already started legal action concerning the estate, which included the next-door lot worth nearly $400,000.

 Meanwhile, neighbor Ken Sanford told the Rock Hill, S.C., Herald that he was “just stunned” since she “seemed like a sweet lady,” and that “Steven was very proud of her accomplishments.”

One neighbor even knew her from the neighborhood Bible Study group.

According to The Herald, the Oklahoma native has no prior criminal record in South Carolina.

In addition to murder, Lana Clayton has also been charged with unlawful malicious tampering of food, and will not be released on bond. Her legal team is still unknown.

Source: New York Post

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