Wildfires rage along the West Coast as death toll rise [Video]


  • About eight people died with thousands of homes and property ruined as fast-moving blazes continued to ravage the West Coast.
  • According to officials, the death count in the states of California, Oregon and Washington may possibly rise due to the difficulties in reaching remote areas. 
  • As of Thursday, data from the National Interagency Fire Center reports 56 infernos rampaging through the 3 states. 

Authorities have reported that wind-powered blazes are still raging over the West Coast, killing at least eight people and demolishing thousands of homes as entire communities are razed to the ground.

The number of deaths in California, Oregon and Washington will likely climb because several areas are impossible to reach, officials warned.

Statistics from the National Interagency Fire Center reports that as of Thursday about 56 wildfires were razing those three states.

With infernos in every region with 3,000 firefighters reportedly overcome by more than two dozen fires, tens of thousands of residents across Oregon were ordered to leave their homes.

“This could be the greatest loss of human lives and property due to wildfire in our state’s history,” Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said at a press conference Wednesday.

Five towns including the cities of Talent and Phoenix in Jackson County were “substantially devastated” with two confirmed deaths in the Santiam Canyon(60 miles south of Portland) region and another in the Ashland area.

In California, over 14,000 firefighters were dealing with 28 large blazes into the night, with around 64,000 residents given evacuation orders.

Strong, dry winds were blamed for the fast-moving wildfires that ravaged more than 200,000 acres in Butte County, north of Sacramento, since it started August 17.

Meanwhile in the Golden State where a sinister orange glow draped the skies near San Francisco, CNN reported that while winds are steadier on Thursday, dry conditions continued.  The National Weather Service in Hanford said high-temperatures should be expected in these areas.

In addition, there were four unidentified people who Cal Fire reportedly said died separately in fires in northern California including one death near the remote Happy Camp community. Evacuation orders also spread to the town of Paradise, where the state’s deadliest fire erupted in 2018 killing 86 people.

As for Washington, the Seattle Times reported that blazes on both sides of the Cascade Mountains still raged on with extremely high temperatures forecasted on Thursday. According to the Washington Department of Natural Resources, around 500,000 acres have been destroyed as well as 121 homes by Wednesday morning.

Deaths in Washington included a 1-year-old boy who was killed as his family fled from a fast-moving fire. Both of his parents were badly burned.

Source: New York Post

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