Woman can’t stop eating dead husband’s ashes [Video]


  • A 26-year-old woman from Tennessee confessed to a very strange addiction on a TV show.
  • Cassie told TLC’s My Strange Addiction that she can’t stop eating her dead husband’s ashes.
  • The woman said she started eating the ashes when she spilled some out and didn’t want to throw them away.

A 26-year-old woman says she feels “ashamed” and “disgusted” because she can’t stop eating her dead husband’s ashes and fears there will soon be none left.

Casie from Tennessee, US, tragically became a widow when her husband Sean died from an asthma attack.

Speaking on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, Casie explains after Sean’s death she began carrying his ashes with her everywhere she went as a source of comfort.

“I take my husband everywhere, to the grocery store, shopping, to the movies, out to eat, anywhere I go he goes,” she says.

Casie first tasted Sean’s ashes after some spilled out and she didn’t want to throw them away.

She says: “I didn’t want to wipe him off, that’s my husband I didn’t want to wipe him away so I just licked him off my fingers. And here I am today almost two months later and I can’t stop, I’m eating my husband.”

Casie now has conflicted feelings of disgust mixed with her grief and wants to stop eating Sean’s ashes so she doesn’t “lose him again”.

She says: “When I open up the urn I get a sense of happiness, it’s like an adrenaline rush for me and the more I eat the more excited I get until I realize there’s not a lot left.

She said she felt horrible afterward.

“It makes me feel embarrassed, ashamed, disgusted with myself, confused, crazy – you gotta be a really sick person to eat someone’s ashes.”

The grieving widow has eaten roughly half a kilogram of her husband’s ashes which originally weighed nearly 3kg.

As the documentary notes, dead bodies that are embalmed contain toxic chemicals that can cause psychosis if consumed.

Casie ended up being admitted to a psychiatric hospital to help her come to terms with her husband’s untimely death and she was able to open up to friends and family about eating his ashes.

Source: Daily Star

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