Woman catches her husband cheating with her best friend on a hidden camera [Video]


  • A woman caught her husband cheating on her with her best friend on a hidden camera.
  • She decided to share her story, and footage of the confrontation, on TikTok.
  • A few of Shauna’s videos went viral, with the confrontation itself ammassing over 14 million views.

When a woman learned that her husband had been cheating with her best friend, she decided to confront them on camera. Video of their confrontation has amassed over 14 million views on TikTok.

Shauna shared her story in a series of videos on the platform. She explained that she worried her husband was cheating on her—but not with her best friend.

“So I put the camera in the house because my gut just wasn’t sitting right. It wasn’t even about him or her, that never even crossed my mind I didn’t think that they were doing anything,” she said.

“I thought that he was sneaking somebody in like that he had previously cheated on me with, that’s why I put the camera in the house.”


I didn’t post the video because I didn’t want to for personal reasons but here y’all finally fucking go

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“So yesterday I was looking at the camera, come to find out, it this b—h and we’ve been friends for like four years, good friends, she needed somewhere to go, I let her move in,” Shauna explained.

“Anyway, so I haven’t told neither one of them knew about the camera. I haven’t told either one of them that I even know because when he gets home from work I’m [going to] ask them and then I’m going to show them the video.”

Shauna shared a video of the confrontation, which escalated to a physical scuffle.

“It definitely went down, tussling there, and of course they lied, said it didn’t happen. I didn’t get a chance to show them the video because we ended up fighting. They’re currently out of the house, gone.”

Before confronting her former friend on camera, Shauna told her they were making a video together.

“So I got a question for you. Did you sleep with my man while I was at work?” she asks in the video.

Eventually, Shauna’s husband enters the room, and she asks him, “You slept with my friend while I was at work?”

“What is y’all talking about?” he says.

Shauna responds, “Like I don’t got the footage,” before the situation devolves into a physical fight.

Source: The Sun

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