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Woman Catfished Man Out Of $5K in Facebook Scheme


  • A woman has been reported to have catfished a man into believing that he fathered her child.
  • They met on a social media platform in early 2019, where the woman used a different name.
  • The woman is now facing numerous charges for her crime, including theft by extortion.

According to a police report, a woman in Pennsylvania catfished a man out of about $5,000 by telling the man he fathered a non-existent child.

WPMT reported that 23-year-old Billie Jo Brenizer from Duncannon, Pennsylvania was charged with theft by deception, false impression, theft by extortion, and harassment in an alleged Facebook scheme.

The investigation started in June 2020 when a man from Newberry Township reported to the police about his meeting with Brenizer on Facebook. She was using the name “Kaylee Nicole” when he met her in February 2019.

In a criminal complaint acquired by the news station, it wasn’t until later when he realized that Kaylee Nicole and Brenizer are actually one person. He believed he was catfished by the woman.

The complaint read that although he knows about her true identity, the man from Newberry still met up with Brenizer, where they slept together.

Billie Jo Brenizer, who also goes by the name BJ Brenizer, got in touch with the man a few months later, claiming that he had raped her. She also threatened the man that she will report him to the cops if he doesn’t meet up with her again.

The man then agreed to meet up with her, where the pair eventually formed a relationship following her threat. He added that during the time, they slept together about five times more. They broke up in December 2019.

After breaking up, Brenizer told the man that she was pregnant with his child. She backed it up with images of positive pregnancy test results that she sent him. She then allegedly had him believe she finally gave birth to a baby boy with health issues.

Although the man repeatedly asked Brenizer to show him the child and get a paternity test, the con-woman insisted that it was definitely his even without proof. The man believed this and agreed to pay $4,960 for child support without his family knowing.

Charging documents show that Brenizer admitted to the police that she did not actually give birth. The documents also show that she has allegedly done this scam on many other victims. She said she even used different phone numbers and social media profiles for her scheme.


Source: New York Post

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