Woman claims she contracted flesh-eating bacteria from nail salon, almost loses arm


  • A woman claims to have contracted a flesh-eating bacteria from a nail salon in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • She underwent several surgeries to remove flesh in her hand that had been destroyed by the bacteria.
  • A manager from Jazzy Nail Bar says that they clean their tools in accordance with state-mandated regulations.

According to a report, a woman from Tennessee claims that a local nail salon may have been the source of a flesh-eating bacteria that almost cost her one of her arms.

Jayne Sharp told WBIR-TV Knoxville that the infection from the bacteria lead to her undergoing multiple surgeries to remove chunks of destroyed tissue in her hand. She claims that she started seeing symptoms after she went to Jazzy Nail Bar in Knoxville and got cut on her right thumb during her manicure.

Thumb throbbing and Sharp feeling so ill she had trouble sleeping, she went the next day to be checked for the flu. The flu test at Summit Medical Group came back negative and nurse practitioner Nikki Brown marked a spot on Sharp’s thumb that was swelling unusually. Brown told Sharp to keep an eye on the spot if the swelling got worse. Sharp was ordered to go to the emergency room the very next day. The woman had told Brown over the phone that the swelling had spread up her arm and that she had developed a red rash.

Dr. Udit Chaudhuri, a Summit Medical Group internal medicine specialist who treated Sharp, explained that the flesh-eating disease or necrotizing fasciitis can find its way into the body through an open cut or wound.

A manager at Jazzy Nail Bar said that they’d passed a state inspection that was conducted a couple of days after Sharp reported the infection. He said the nail salon follows state-mandated regulations when it comes to cleaning its tools.


Source: Fox News

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