Woman finds a dozen pearls in her oyster dinner


  • A New Orleans woman found 12 pearls in inside an oyster she was eating at a restaurant.
  • Keely Hill found the pearls as she slurped back the oyster and crunched one of them in her teeth.
  • Unfortunately, the discovered unfinished pearls are not thought to be of any great value.

A New Orleans woman discovered 12 glistening pearls inside an oyster she was devouring in the Big Easy earlier this month, Nola.com reported.

After attempting to gulp the contents of the last shell from her table’s half-dozen oysters inside Superior Seafood, kindergarten teacher Keely Hill, 32, discovered the crunchy baubles — and choking hazards — in her mouth with enough time to safely spit them out and behold the treasures from the deep blue.

“I bit it in half and felt them on my tongue…it was such a bizarre experience,” Hill told Nola. “I definitely ate one, I crushed it in my teeth.”

The dozen BB-sized pearls were enough to surprise Superior Seafood oyster shucker Jordan “Jay” Gallet, who said, “The most I ever got was nine.”

“I counted them myself…I was shocked,” added the server, who opens about 2,500 oysters daily and finds a pearl or two a week on average.

Hill, who grew up in Kansas City, was first shy about eating the shellfish, and even described them as “a slimy bivalve.”

“It looks disgusting,” Hill added, saying that living in the South for 12 years eventually changed her perspective.

Nowadays, Hill is “in contact with a lot of oysters” and even ate both raw and grilled ones at another restaurant, Basin Seafood, earlier on that fateful day.

“It’s not as gross as it appears,” she said.

Although the pearls are estimated to be of little value, they’re priceless to Hill because of a saying from her late Aunt Cathy, with whom she shared a near mother-daughter relationship. Cathy would tell Hill, “The world is your oyster,” and it meant a great deal to the teacher considering that her aunt “was like (her) person.”

Due to that fond connection, Hill plans to have the pearls set into a ring with the largest one centered, according to the outlet.

Unfortunately, Hill accidentally dropped the darkest of the 12 pearls onto the ground.

Source: New York Post

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