Woman gets severe burns on her face after trying viral egg poaching hack [Video]


  • A woman sustained severe burns on her face after trying a viral egg poaching hack she saw on TikTok.
  • Chantelle Conway said she has been doing the ‘cooking method’ for two years, but it went wrong last week.
  • Conway doused herself with cold water to ease the burning pain, which spared her from suffering third-degree burns.

One woman was left with severe burns on her face after trying to poach eggs using a viral TikTok hack, according to The Mirror UK.

For the last two years, Chantelle Conway has been poaching eggs by putting a raw egg in a cup of boiling water before microwaving it for 10 seconds.  The time-saving TikTok shortcut can allegedly poach eggs into runny perfection. However, the method suddenly went wrong when she did it last week.


⚠️ warning ⚠️ please please people stop doing ur Porched  eggs in the microwave 💔 I was VERY VERY lucky .Iv now got to just leave it to heal #fypシ

♬ original sound – Chantelle Conway 🖤

When she removed the egg from the boiling water using a cold spoon, the water burst out of the cup and straight into her face. The 25-year-old was left with excruciating burns. She shared videos of her condition on TikTok to warn others against the hack. 

“The water went everywhere – all over my face and neck and I’m sure it even hit the ceiling because there’s a mark above where I was standing,” Conway explained in one of the videos. 

She said she immediately poured cold water on herself because of the excruciating pain. 

Conway was at home with her 18-month-old baby when the incident happened, and she had to wait for almost an hour before she was taken to the hospital where she was told she was lucky not to have suffered worse burns.

The young mom said the burnt skin is starting to shed, while her nose and lips are also still very raw. 

Conway still gets flashbacks about the incident, saying it made her “hate” eggs. “I’ll never have an egg again because I’m so traumatized – I used to love eggs.”

The mom-of-two says she takes full responsibility for what happened. She added, “I’ve seen loads of videos of people doing it on TikTok and I just want to show people what can happen to hopefully stop them doing it.”

Source: NZ Herald

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