Woman runs over husband as he tries to dislodge bowling ball


  • A suspect threw a bowling ball under a couple’s car and it got stuck.
  • While the man tried to dislodge the ball from under the car, an assailant approached the vehicle and tried to grab the woman’s purse.
  • During a struggle over the purse, the woman hit the gas and the car rolled over her husband. He’s currently in stable condition after sustaining critical injuries.

A woman critically injured her husband when she ran him over twice as he tried to dislodge a bowling ball from the front of their car.

The couple ran over the bowling ball around 3 p.m. Saturday in Kansas City, Missouri, and the ball became lodged under their car, Kansas City Police spokeswoman Donna Drake said. Later that day, a suspect went to a police station and admitted throwing a bowling ball in front of a moving car.

After they stopped, the 25-year-old man crawled under the vehicle to try to remove the ball. Then a suspect approached the vehicle and tried to grab the 25-year-old woman’s purse.

The woman struggled with the assailant over her purse, pressing the gas pedal in the process. She heard a yell from under the car, which had rolled over her husband.

Police said the woman then put the car in reverse and rolled over her husband a second time. As the man cried out, the suspect fled without the purse.

As of Saturday night, the man was in critical condition at the hospital. His name was not publicly available.

Source: Kansas City Star

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