Woman spends over $4,000 a year on rescue pigeons


  • 23-year-old Meggy Johnson claims she spends between £300 and £400 on her beloved pet pigeons.
  • They each have about 17 outfits, and they get birthday presents, and even have a specialized stroller.
  • Johnson found her pigeons, named Sky and Moose, abandoned as babies.

This one is for the birds.

A UK woman truly goes above and beyond to take care of her rescue pigeons. Meggy Johnson said she spends roughly between $415 and $550 on her winged pets every month.

“I spend between £300 and £400 on them a month, but if I looked through my bank account, I would probably shock myself. It could be more,” she said.

Johnson, 23, rescued her beloved pet pigeons, Sky and Moose, after finding them abandoned. She nursed them back to health, hand feeding them for about six weeks.

The pigeons, and two other rescue birds, live in Johnson’s pet supply store and enjoy the “life of luxury” with birthday presents, toys, and walks in a specialized stroller.

“They have their own converted bedroom, which is their space, and they have all their little perches, toys, and wardrobe. They live the life of luxury,” Johnson said.

“They are fashionistas and have their own wardrobe with about 17 outfits — each one costs between £25 and £30. They do look super cool, but the outfits are also really practical because they catch their poo and help keep the house clean.”

“We also celebrate their birthdays and ‘gotcha days’ of when they were rescued, and I spoil them as you would any family member with lots of presents.”

Johnson said she aims to change the negative stereotype around pigeons and show that they make great pets.

“Some people say ‘ew pigeon’ and call them ‘flying rats,’ which is something as a pigeon-lover that really upsets me. But most people are more open-minded. The bond that you can get with them is amazing. Clee comes running to his name and follows you like a dog. They make the best pets. They’re so funny,” Johnson said.

“When you hand-feed them, they get so trusting,” she continued. “You can sit with them, and they’ll come and jump on you and sit on your shoulder. They’re very special little birds.”

Source: Mirror

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