World’s first human head transplant has been ‘successful’, neurosurgeon says

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  • Humans will not achieve immortality. The soul lives forever already, but not the body. If one wants to have hope to live on after the body dies one must believe on Jesus because if one does not do that one will roast in hell forever. Count on it.

  • Omg i have been waiting for this day to come I have email this dr in the pass telling him i would gladly be a ginny pig for this type of surgery .my bodly is litterly falling apart and now my back surgery has been put off dued to my pelvic falli ng apart ive had 13 surgerys since 2005 i live in pain and need more sugerys . So plesse concider me

  • It’s all fake there’s no way that time travel can happen and it is someone just making up this stuff. These so called scientists have watched to much Back To The Future shows.

  • Science fiction is just science that has not been discovered yet, imagination is one of many reasons of human discoveries not just in science. There is only one small problem if this truly works it will never be covered by insurance and only the wealthy will have this opportunity in the future.

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