‘World’s hottest athlete’ snubbed after team disqualified from Olympic game


  • The ‘world’s hottest athlete’ is currently in Tokyo as part of Germany’s track and field team.
  • Alica Schmidt, the 22-year-old track and field star, was not able to compete in the 4×400 mixed relays after her team was disqualified.
  • Schmidt still has a chance to compete in the women’s 4x400m relay on Friday. 

Germany’s track and field star Alica Schmidt, dubbed as the “World’s Hottest Athlete”, has been disqualified from the 4×400 mixed relays. 

The 22-year-old athlete qualified for the Olympic Games as part of Team Germany’s runners, but she ended up not being able to compete for the 4×400 mixed relays. The German team was disqualified after making contact with their Jamaican counterparts, which is prohibited in the Tokyo Olympics to practice safety guidelines amid the pandemic.

Schmidt was cheering her team on from the stands and has been posting stories on Instagram about her Tokyo experience.

She still has a chance to compete if she gets selected for the women’s 4x400m relay, which is scheduled on Friday.

Schmidt was labeled the ‘world’s sexiest athlete’ by the Australian magazine Busted Coverage, and the title has stuck ever since.

It has been Schmidt’s dream to make compete in the Olympics. Last month, she achieved one of her biggest achievements when she qualified as one of Germany’s 400m relay runners, according to The New York Post.

Schmidt has been competing in track and field for years. In 2017, she bagged silver in the 4×400 relay of the European Athletics Under-20 Championship. She won bronze at the 2019 U-23 Europeans. According to reports, she’s also competed as a jumper and in hurdles.

Last May, Schmidt said in an Instagram post that she was grateful to be running outdoors again after she suffered from a torn ligament and muscular problems. 

Aside from being an athlete, Schmidt is also an Instagram influencer who shares health and wellness content on her account. The track and field star has 2.1 million followers on Instagram. 

She works with food brands in Germany, including the organic sports nutrition company Frosta and Food Spring. She makes sure to eat healthily and tries to cook when she has time. She once shared on Instagram: “My family always says that food is my favourite topic.” 

The athlete likes sushi, surfing, and traveling, and has also worked with beauty, fashion, and hospitality brands. 

Schmidt was born in Worms, Germany in 1998, and started a career in running at a young age.

Source: News.com.au

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