YouTube ‘Influencer’ Almost Pulled Off a $1.5 Million Scam [Video]


  • An Instagram influencer and Youtuber scammed her followers and many businesses of almost $2 million while posting her luxurious lifestyle on social media.
  • Some of the businesses she had used for the scam, fortunately, were able to recover their money. But the others were not so lucky.
  • She, along with her accomplices who helped her with her scheme was eventually arrested by the federal authorities in New Jersey.

Kayla Massa is a 22-year-old Instagram influencer and Youtuber from South Jersey with over 400,000 followers and subscribers combined. She was accused of scamming her followers and many businesses, amassing to $1.5 million.

Massa would post photos of bundles of money on her Instagram stories with captions such as, “If you got a bank account and you are interested in making legal money, (hit me up) ASAP.”

With her assurance that she would protect their money, those who responded to her post were persuaded to drain their bank accounts and give her their ATM card credentials.

She would then, deposit fake checks to her followers’ bank accounts, then soon withdraw the cash before it is tagged for suspicious activity by the bank. She uses real business names for the checks deposited.

It was a little bit too late when those she scammed discovered that they were duped by Massa. In some cases, the bank had already recalled the funds mentioned and left her followers with a negative balance.

When her followers called her out, she blocked them on all her social media accounts so she could continue posting about her luxurious life using the money she scammed from her followers, and to attract more victims.

The businesses Massa had used for her frauds also suffered and got into trouble. One of those is Factory Tune Auto Repairs where they lost about $15,000. But lucky for them, they were able to get their money back.

On February 13 of this year, Kayla Massa was arrested and charged by the New Jersey federal authorities. The complaint was made by her followers who are mostly underaged, and businesses whom she scammed out of.

She was found guilty and arrested along with her nine accomplices: her boyfriend Jordan Herrin, her 19-year-old sister Leire and her boyfriend Erasmo Feliciano, 22-year-old William Logan, 27-year-old Alex Haines, 18-year-old Kevin McDaniels, 21-year-old Andrew Johnson, 20-year-old Jabreel Martin, and 20-year-old aspiring rapper Dezhon McCrae.

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