YouTube star calls pooping on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway a peaceful protest


  • A YouTube star pooped on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway at her house in San Francisco, California on Saturday.
  • The man, “Mando”, creates livestream videos of the realities of living on the streets.
  • He says the incident was done as a “peaceful protest” against the lack of resources for those living on the street.

A man filmed himself defecating on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s driveway in her San Francisco Residence and streamed it on YouTube. On his online channels, the man identifies himself as “Mando”, though he has requested to have his last name withheld for fear of retribution.

Mando, 28, says the niche YouTube community that he’s part of creates “in real life” (IRL) livestream videos that capture unfiltered daily life. He started his channel after he became homeless six years ago and his goal is to show viewers the realities of being homeless and living on the street.

With the coronavirus pandemic causing chaos and daily life is becoming increasingly difficult, Mando says especially because businesses are closed and that also means they no longer let people use their bathrooms.

“Poopalosi”, Saturday’s livestream video, began as a “peaceful protest” against the lack of resources for the homeless- while those in power, like Pelosi, live their daily lives relatively unchanged.

Mando said he’d been looking for a toilet the whole week and a commenter joked on one of his streams that “Hey, you should take a crap at Pelosi’s house.”

Mando’s viewers seemed to like the idea and when he eventually “couldn’t hold it anymore”, he wandered the streets of San Francisco until he found Pelosi’s home. Setting up a camera across the street, he salutes viewers and takes a dump on the pavement.

A few hours later, Mando was apprehended and detained by Bay Area Rapid Transit Police officers. Mando also immediately apologized to Pelosi on Twitter, saying he meant “no foul harm” and that he wasn’t proud of what he did.

The YouTuber hopes that the “peaceful protest” will prompt those in position to provide more resources for the homeless.

“What better way to show someone the message, you know?” he said. “We need more access to bathrooms, we need more access to resources out here.”

Source: New York Post

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