12-Year-Old Killed After Grenade Bought From Antique Mall Explodes


  • At the time of purchase, the vendor and buyer believed that the explosive was inactive.
  • In a terrible accident, the grenade exploded and killed 12-year-old Asher Hurley.
  • Authorities are now warning those who purchased from the same vendor that these “may contain live explosives.”

According to a spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), a MK2 grenade, believed to have been purchased at the Fancy Flea Antique Mall in North Carolina, exploded.  At the time of sale, the vendor or the buyer thought that it was inactive.

Tracie Cooper, the district administrator for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia said, 12-year-old Asher Hurley of Abingdon, died as a result of penetrating injuries to the “head, torso and extremities.”

In Asher’s obituary, his dad said he died “in a terrible accident in our home.”

Asher will be remembered by others as “a tender-hearted boy who was a friend to everyone he met. Asher was reserved, but loved to smile and laugh. His offbeat, quirky sense of humor touched everyone who knew him.”

Authorities are still investigating the incident but have said that his manner of death was ruled as an accident.

In a statement to the New York Times, the Fancy Flea Antique Mall said that “there was only one other grenade sold the next day by the same vendor,” that the mall was “very sorry that this has occurred” and that “we all felt that the grenade was inert.”

But upon further investigation by the ATF, there were other grenades purchased from the same vendor.  The agency now warns those who bought the items in June 2020 that these grenades “may contain live explosives and could be hazardous to the public.”

In its statement, the agency said: “ATF is asking for anyone who visited Shallotte, near the Ocean Isle Beach and Holden Beach area, and purchased an ‘inert’ grenade from the Fancy Flea Antique Mall in June 2020 to contact the Charlotte Field Division at 704-716-1800 or the Washington Field Division at 202-648-8010.” 

Source: PEOPLE

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