20 dead and over 100 infected from COVID-19 outbreak at Missouri Nursing Home


  • Jackson County health officials have confirmed that 20 residents of the John Knox Village Care Center have died from a COVID-19 outbreak while 157 are currently infected with the virus.
  • Most of the deaths have taken place this month while three have died last month, said the facility’s vice president of health and community services, Rodney McBride.
  • As of Monday, the county has faced its highest number of cases in a single day reporting 255 new cases since the pandemic was announced.

A COVID-19 outbreak has killed 20 residents and left others infected at a nursing facility in an eastern Jackson County, Missouri.

County health officials have confirmed that 157 people at the John Knox Village Care Center have tested positive for COVID-19, with 20 COVID-related deaths as reported by the Kansas City Star, also occurring at the nursing home.

According to Rodney McBride, the facility’s vice president of health and community services, seventeen of the deaths occurred this month while three people died last month.

“It’s really been heart-wrenching. You just feel like you should have been able to do more, but we’ve done everything and the virus still seems to win,” McBride told the Star.

Since the pandemic began, Jackson County including Kansas City has posted over 14,000 coronavirus cases. On Monday, 255 new cases were reported, so far the highest ever recorded in a single day. The report has prompted Kansas City officials to enforce occupancy restrictions on certain businesses and ordered bars and restaurants to operate until 10 p.m.

Nursing homes are particularly vulnerable when exposed to Covid-19 since they are home to the most endangered population- the elderly with comorbidities.

The news comes after Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) announced Friday that since October, 24 deaths from the coronavirus have occurred at the state-owned Thomson-Hood Veterans Center. As per reports from the New York Times, more than 80 veterans and 60 staff members tested positive for the virus.

Over the past few weeks, the Midwest has been hit hard with spikes in infections and hospitalizations, forcing state governors to impose stricter coronavirus guidelines and mask mandates in public spaces.

Source: The HILL

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