22-year-old Coronavirus Patient Shares Her Symptoms


  • A 22-year-old American coronavirus patient is sharing her symptoms in a Twitter thread.
  • She explained that the symptoms are just as what’s being aired on the news like dry cough, sore throat, fever, and shortness of breath.
  • The patient’s reason for writing the thread is to “relieve any stress/anxiety some may have” about the pandemic.

Despite the rise of new cases, and deaths from the novel coronavirus is dangerously high, only a small percentage of the population has actually been infected and is experiencing it by far.

Bjonda Haliti, a 22-year-old from California, U.S.A have recently made a thread on Twitter sharing her experience, and the symptoms she has, for those who are wondering what it feels like being struck by the virus, and to “relieve any stress/anxiety some may have” about the pandemic.

Haliti explained that the symptoms are just the same as what is being aired on the news. She had a dry cough, which is described by the National Health Service (NHS) as “tickly and doesn’t produce any phlegm (thick mucus)”. This mild dry cough she experienced occurs with a “slightly sore throat”, and some tiredness.

She said that the next days, it developed into a headache and sore eyes, then into a fever, and on the fourth day, she was having shortness of breath. In total, she was sick for ten days when finally, she received the test results that unsurprisingly, came in positive of the novel coronavirus.

Even before knowing the result of the test, Haliti said that she had been on self-quarantine since having the first symptom, until now. But Haliti adds that she feels “great and healthy” at the moment.

Below is Bjonda Haliti’s detailed thread on Twitter, explaining about her situation, and giving netizens information about the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Yahoo

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