After husband died from ingesting chloroquine phosphate, widow tells public not to ‘believe anything that the president says’


  • Typical left wing Fake News!!! I watched and he said it MAY BE A CURE IT WAS PROMISING AND ” IF” it is it would be a gift from GOD!!!!!! This guy “was”an idiot for Experimenting ON HIS OWN !!! To BLAME the president YOU are a fake news IDIOT!!!!!!

    • Fish tank cleaning additive has other toxic and poisonous compounds also in it besides the main ingredient

      but I guess ones McGuyver moment of inspiration went apparently kind of sideways

      lesson to be learned here is to do ones due diligence and not do what this couple wound up doing without checking for the MSDS chemical ingredient assay of the fish tank cleaning additive

      also this is not for human consumption and it is not pharmceutical grade indgredients fit for human use

      • Apparently it was fear that prompted the use of a medication that possibly could be effective. No one said take it, no one said it’s a cure, no one said this is an absolute. The fact that there were no symptoms of this virus and medication was taken, says what?. I do not recall hearing to take this medication at all. It said it was used to treat malaria, and that it might have an effect on the coronavirus. The fact that it was a cleaner for an aquarium would indicate it was not for human consumption. Poison control could’ve been called before taking it. Such a very, very tragic outcome. Prayers go out to the family during this difficult time.

  • Let’s try to distinguish between what the president says and how some misguided individual choose to interpret it. It’s a shame, even tragic, but to ingest a cleaning agent as medicine is sorta dumb. The pres is quoted here saying “It’s shown very encouraging — very, very encouraging early results. And we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately. ” Note the word “drug” here? Not “cleaning agent,” right? Look, would you guzzle a quart of isopropyl alcohol to get a buzz, just because the word “alcohol” is in the name? Come on, folks. To blame this on the president is equally dumb.

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