Alabama man sues security camera company Ring after stranger hacked device, terrified kids [Video]


  • I never get it, when such a “Statement” is made by a company,
    HOW such W-E-I-R-D English wording is dredged up,
    and WHO the H-E-C-K thinks up such silly wording.

    “Appropriate steps”…what the H— does T-H-A-T mean.
    State exactly what you MEAN, what those steps are,
    instead of beating around the bush.

    I once heard of the term “verbiage”. Does that mean
    you’ve had too many drinks with a lawyer?
    A lot of this even SOUNDS like stuff THEY’D think up.

    It certainly sounds like an attempt at English
    by not-so-brilliant “managers”.
    Why not let your everyday workers write these paragraphs?
    You don’t have anyone who can write? Not too intelliegent…tsk !

    Spell out what you MEAN instead of weird English !!!

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