Anti-vaxxer tosses menstrual cup containing human blood at California lawmakers


  • Senate secretary Erika Contreras said that the menstrual cup hurled at California lawmakers last month during the last day of legislative sessions was revealed to have contained human blood.
  • The blood, which tested negative for any kind of infection, was allegedly thrown by an anti-vaxx protester who opposed Senate bills 276 and 714 being signed into law.
  • Through the bills, power is given to the state to evaluate medical exemptions for vaccines.

The red liquid contained inside a menstrual cup that was thrown last month at lawmakers from a viewing gallery was confirmed to be human blood, says the California state Senate.

“While lab tests confirmed that the substance thrown from the Senate Gallery was human blood, it was negative for any blood borne [sic] pathogens or infections,” wrote Senate Secretary Erika Contreras in a letter to staffers.

The San Francisco Chronicle, which obtained a copy of the letter, reported that Contreras also stated that an environmental hazard company was called in to “ensure complete remediation and decontamination of both the chamber and the gallery.”

In opposition to Senate bills 276 and 714, Rebecca Lee Dalelio, 43, purportedly chucked the blood at the lawmakers on the Senate floor after yelling, “That’s for the dead babies!” on the last day of the legislative session on Sept. 13.

About six senators were splashed with blood from the cup. The Senate chamber was immediately evacuated and resumed sessions three hours later in a different room.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Democratic State Sen. Steve Glazer who was hit in the head with blood tweeted that he underwent a series of tests to ‘follow safety protocols from blood exposure’.

Earlier during that week, both bills were signed into law by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. The bills, which give the state the authority to review medical exemptions for vaccines, triggered vaccine doubters to assemble at the state Capitol in Sacramento.

Bill author, Sen. Richard Pan, said both bills were written to further strengthen laws that forbid personal beliefs from being considered a reason to obtain vaccine exemptions. Referring to the blood cup throwing incident, he described it as being fueled by the “violent rhetoric perpetuated by leaders of the anti-vaxx movement,” at the same time urging everyone to denounce the attack on the democratic process.

Meanwhile, Dalelio was arrested without incident on suspicion of six other crimes that included assault and vandalism.

Source: Fox News

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