Antonio Brown declares he’s the best sixth-round pick ever, forgets about Tom Brady


  • Former Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown proclaimed on Twitter last week that he is the best sixth-round pick ever.
  • On his tweet, Brown asked the NFL to “respect” his “greatness.”
  • Despite all the drama, AB no doubt is a great sixth-round pick, but he’s not the best.

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady looked like they were best friends for the 10 minutes or so they played together as teammates for the New England Patriots.

However, it seemed Brown has already forgotten Brady when he proclaimed himself the greatest sixth-round pick in NFL history.

But, this is Antonio Brown—bizarre and entertaining—maybe he remembered Brady and genuinely believes he’s the best sixth-round pick ever.

Brown had a random tweet on Wednesday morning — at this point they all seem random for the unemployed receiver — that asked the NFL to “respect my greatness best 6 rounder all time !”

Brown tweeted out his draft card, which is a pretty cool piece of history.

Brown was undeniably a great sixth-round pick. Forget the drama of the past year or so. Brown should eventually land in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was ridiculous he wasn’t included on the list of receiver finalists NFL’s all-time team this month. Brown was a fantastic player for the Pittsburgh Steelers for years and with the Patriots for 24 snaps.

But he’s not the best sixth-round pick ever.

Many people immediately commented to Brown that he might have forgotten about Brady, the 199th pick of the draft many moons ago who went on to write the greatest resume of any player in NFL history.

It could be an instance of Brown having a chuckle with Brady, who he became fast friends with when the Patriots signed Brown. It’s unclear how close the two remained after the Patriots quickly moved on from Brown. It’s also possible Brown just forgot Brady was a sixth-rounder. And, it’s possible Brown was saying he’s greater than Brady.

With AB, nothing is predictable.


Source: AOL.

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