Blue Dogs Found Near Abandoned Chemical Plant

Blue Dogs Found Near Abandoned Chemical Plant


  • Photos of blue dogs circulated on social media after they were spotted near an abandoned chemical plant in Russia.
  • The buildings were still housing chemicals, such as copper sulfate, that could have caused the blue fur.
  • Animal rights activists have since rescued seven of the dogs and taken them to a veterinarian, while two have already found new homes.

Images of blue dogs spread online earlier this month, prompting animal rights activists in Russia to rescue them.

The pictures were first shared on VK, a social media platform in Russia. The photos showed stray dogs with unnatural-looking blue fur, which caught the attention of concerned citizens and animal rights activists. The images were also spread further on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Telegram.


People expressed concern after finding out that the dogs were found near an abandoned chemical plant in Dzerzhinsk, a city located about 230 miles east of Moscow. They pointed out that the blue color may be caused by potential exposure to dangerous chemicals.

According to the facility’s former bankruptcy manager, the plant used to produce plexiglass and hydrocyanic acid, state-run news agency RIA News reported. It closed six years ago.

Despite its closure, however, some of the buildings still contained chemicals such as copper sulfate. This may have caused the blue color on the dogs’ fur, especially if they rolled around in it.

Thanks to the involvement of Russian animal rights activists, seven of the dogs were taken to a veterinarian for testing and treatment. All test results were normal, indicating that there were no health complications despite the blue fur.

Of the seven, two have already found new homes, according to an update from RIA News.


It still remains to be seen whether their fur will return to normal as time goes by.

Source: VICE

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