Boxer Billy Joe Saunders Suspended After Posting A Video Teaching Men How to Hit Their Wives


  • Billy Joe Saunders posted a tutorial video on how to hit your wives or significant others.
  • The British Boxing Board of Control suspended his boxing license, pending a hearing.
  • Saunders’ list of questionable behavior grows longer.

Billy Joe Saunders, WBO super-middleweight champion, had his license suspended after posting on social media a now-deleted video he made inciting domestic violence.

In the video, the boxer started having his audience picture a scenario, “Your old woman is giving you a little bit of mouth, and you try to be patient…”, adding the details on how to hit their wives or significant others. “BAM! On the chin. Yeah, so you hit her on the chin,” finishing with, “And all of a sudden, you just get down on that knee and spring up, so you finish her off. BAM! That should do the trick.”

The British Boxing Board of Control suspended his boxing license, “pending a hearing under the Board’s misconduct regulation, at a time and venue to be confirmed as soon as possible”, unamused by the video that the boxer had posted.

Saunders has apologized for the video posted, claiming it was a “very, very, very bad out of taste joke.” The boxer also tweeted that he “would never condone domestic violence,” in spite of the video he made, whether it was intended as a joke or not.

Saunders committed sexual misconduct back in 2018. He commissioned a homeless woman to perform a sexual favor or assault a bystander on tape, offering illicit drugs in exchange. The boxer later faced charges after the fact, to which he argued that the incident was a “banter” gone wrong.

He recently made a prank phone call to an airline company saying that his friend had coronavirus-like symptoms, getting three boxers thrown off the plane in the process. The recording of that prank call circulated on the internet last week, in which the boxer could be heard laughing in the time he made the phone call.

Saunders tweeted later on that his concern for his friend was genuine, saying that the call was not a prank, all the while chuckling as he explains his side of the story.

The boxer defended his title against Marcelo Esteban Coceres during the rematch between YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. The Saunders-Alvarez boxing match, however, might be rescheduled after it was postponed earlier this month due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The pending boxing match has not been formally announced, but it has already been signed per ESPN. There is also the possibility that Alvarez could look for another opponent should Saunders fail to have his license reinstated by the time the match is rescheduled.

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