Boy who swallowed 54 magnets saved by emergency surgery


  • A 12-year-old Manchester schoolboy, who loved experimenting with objects, underwent a 6-hour life-saving surgery to remove the magnetic balls that were lodged in his stomach.
  • His mom told the DailyMail that her son Rhiley swallowed the magnets to see if it could stick to his stomach.
  • Doctors performed surgery immediately to remove all 54 magnets before it caused further damage to the boy’s vital organs.

A twelve-year old boy from Manchester had to have emergency surgery to remove the 54 magnetic balls he ingested as part of a science experiment, said his mom.

According to, Rhiley Morrison, a science fanatic, swallowed the tiny magnets to check if metal objects do stick to his belly and to see how they would look like when he went to the toilet.

However, when he failed to pass the magnetic balls four days later, Rhiley immediately went to his mom, Paige Ward, and told her what happened. Ward, 30, told the UK paper that she took her son to a hospital where doctors took an X-ray and revealed horrifying results. The scan showed the small magnetic balls were trapped in Rhiley’s stomach and bowel.

Fearing the magnets could burn holes in the boy’s intestines which could lead to sepsis, doctors had removed all the magnets from the boy’s stomach in an emergency surgery that took over 6 hours, reports said.

Ward recalls being stunned when doctors told her they successfully removed all 54 magnets, which is twice the number they estimated from the x-ray before the surgery.

“I think what made it harder is that I just didn’t understand how or why he would swallow that many,” said the mother after the life-saving surgery.

As Rhiley spent the next 10 days recovering in Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, he had to be tube-fed and had a catheter inserted after he started vomiting green liquid due to his bowels injured and leaking.

 “The surgeon said that if Rhiley didn’t tell me that day he’d swallowed the magnets, he could have died,” his mom told the UK outlet.

His mom added that the schoolboy, who has autism and ADHD, is crazy about science and loves to experiment with different objects.

Since the incident, his mom who has three other younger children, has since removed magnets from her home. She also told the Mail that she wanted to use her ‘traumatic lesson’ to warn other parents of the dangers brought by these magnetic ball toys telling them that accidents may happen no matter how clever you are.

“Rhiley was lucky but some kids aren’t and won’t be,” she said.

Source: New York Post

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