Bride passes away at wedding, groom marries her younger sister instead


  • An extraordinary Indian wedding occurred late last month in Uttar Pradesh when groom Mangesh Kumar married the younger sister of his bride.
  • The bride, Surabhi, died of a heart attack during the wedding ceremony.
  • Both families decided to continue the wedding as Surabhi’s body was laid in the next room.

A roller-coaster event happened in Uttar Pradesh, India when the expected bride had collapsed and was proclaimed dead even before the wedding ceremony was concluded, resulting in her sister marrying her groom.

In a report by Times of India, the couple named Mangesh Kumar (groom) and Surabhi (bride) was scheduled to be married on May 27 in a Hindu ceremony.

As the couple was doing the exchanging of garlands called “jaimala,” Surabhi suddenly collapsed and suffered a heart attack, per News 18.

The responding doctor pronounced that Surabhi had passed away. This led to the families of the couple to decide that Kumar will marry Nisha, the younger sister of the bride.

South Asian matchmaking site Single to Shaddi founder, Radha Patel, said that the wedding proceeded despite the incident since the family of the bride had “wanted to keep it in the family.”

For his own experience, Patel shared that when her aunt died while giving birth, there was a suggestion that her mother could marry his uncle who is her brother-in-law.

“So much vetting goes into matching families in marriages and it is natural for the families to want to stay together,” Patel said. 

Patel’s mother did not marry as her parents honored her request not to wed.

While Surabhi’s body was laid in another room at the same venue, Kumars’ family and hers opted to move forward with the wedding.

Speaking with the Times of India, Surabhi’s brother Saurabh said: “It was a bizarre situation as the wedding of my younger sister took place while the dead body of my other sister was lying in another room.” 

In a separate interview, Surabhi’s uncle Ajab Singh told News 18: “We have never witnessed such mixed emotions… The grief over her death and the happiness of the wedding has yet to sink in.” 

In India, around 90 percent of marriages are fixed.

Source: USA Today

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