Clint Eastwood Chooses Mike Bloomberg over Donald Trump for the 2020 election


  • Veteran actor Clint Eastwood signaled that he would be distancing himself from President Donald Trump as he backs a different presidential hopeful.
  • A Republican for decades, Eastwood chooses to support a Democratic candidate, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg.
  • The actor-director expressed that the best thing Americans can do now is getting Bloomberg on the White House.

Clint Eastwood, in an interview, told the Wall Street Journal that he’d no longer support President Donald Trump this coming 2020 election. A known supporter of the Republican party, the veteran actor told the outlet that he’d be choosing another candidate.

Eastwood confirmed that his candidate for the White House is Mike Bloomberg.

Back in 2012, it can be recalled that the actor-director, who just endorsed Mitt Romney, delivered an excellent speech during the Republican National Convention pertaining to a vacant chair, which symbolized former President Barack Obama.

Eastwood, officially speaking, didn’t support Trump. During an interview in 2016, he  conveyed  disapproval with both Hilary Clinton and Trump, saying that “There’s much funny business on both sides of the aisle.”

At the time, he admired Trump because he felt that the president was into something at the time. But just recently,  Eastwood had a change of mind about Trump.

In the same interview, Eastwood said that although he supports some of the president’s actions,  he does not approve the disrespectful tweets and name callings.  He also hoped that Trump should not stoop on that level, referring to the insults on Twitter.

Eastwood also mentioned the issue surrounding the movie he directed and produced, “Richard Jewell,” were actress Olivia Wilde’s character, Kathy Scruggs, was involved in a controversy. In the film, Kathy, a real-life reporter, claimed Jewell was the suspect in the bomb planting in the 1996 Olympics. To get the scoop, she allegedly slept with an FBI agent.

As described by the lawyers of the news outlet where the reporter works,  the depiction of her character was malicious and entirely not true.  

The veteran director cited his freedom to arts and cinematic expression, saying that the newspaper company was covering up their culpability over a story that was irresponsible.

Eastwood, an Academy Award-winning director, was once a politician himself.  In 1986, he served as a mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, for a term that lasted two years.

Bloomberg went into the Democrat 2020 presidential race only November of last year and spent millions of his personal money into the campaign. The former New York City mayor has been promoting himself as a reasonable alternative to the more liberal candidates in the primaries.

Source: AOL

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