Disney Parks feature Black Santas for the first time in history


  • Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California have introduced diverse Santas this Christmas season.
  • This is the first time Disney has hired Black actors to portray Santa Claus at the theme parks.
  • Disney fans took to Twitter to post about the update, claiming they’ve become emotional seeing diversity at the parks for the first time.

Disney wants to make its holiday celebrations more inclusive this Christmas season.

According to CNN, both Florida’s Disney World and California’s Disneyland have introduced diverse Santa Claus characters at meet-and-greets across the theme parks. 

This marks the first time the festive figure has been portrayed by Black actors on Disney property in the theme parks’ history, the publication reported.

Disney has not made any formal announcements about introducing diverse Santas at the time of writing. The company also did not immediately respond for comments.

A Disney spokesperson told CNN, however, that Santa is represented differently around the world, and therefore will reflect diversity at its theme parks as well. 

WDW News Today also reported on the change and said cast members have shared photos of Santas they’ve spotted across the parks this year.

On Twitter, Disney fans have shared their own thoughts on the update, with some saying that diverse Santas around the parks have made them feel emotional.

In recent months, Disney has shared various plans to make its US theme parks more diverse and inclusive.

The company’s employee dress code was recently updated to allow for tattoos and gender-inclusive costumes, and at least two older rides — Splash Mountain and the Jungle Cruise — are being rethemed to remove racially insensitive characters, scenes, and messages.

Source: Insider

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