Divorce reveals Bill Gates as America’s biggest farmland owner


  • With an impending divorce with Melinda, Bill Gates could end up losing his standing as America’s largest farmland owner.
  • The Gateses’ over 242,000 farmland acres could be split once the divorce details are finalized.
  • The former couple had previously shared their intentions to venture in farming.

Due to his divorce with wife Melinda, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates could lose his unknown title as the US’ biggest farmland property holder.

According to The Land Report, a group that made an investigation last January, the billionaire tech mogul owns almost 270,000 acres of land across the nation.

About 242,000 acres (or 378 square miles) is farmland. The outlet reported that Gates’ land property is about 50,000 acres bigger than the family with the largest land holdings.

“Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, has an alter ego: Farmer Bill, the guy who owns more farmland than anyone else in America,” per magazine’s director Eric O’Keefe.

As the couple arranged the details for their divorce, the land would likely get involved in the negotiations. During the filings, the Gateses admitted that they did undergo a prenuptial agreement.

Per The Land Report, the Gates owned over 16,000 acres in their Washington hometown. Their biggest land property is situated in Louisiana, with over 69,000 acres. They also have roughly 48,000 acres in Arkansas and about 25,750 acres in Arizona and over 20,000 acres in Nebraska.

Last year, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation introduced a Nonprofit Agricultural Research Institute called Gates Ag One, which was located in the greater area of St. Louis. The former couple had previously expressed their interest in farming.

In 2017, the Gateses also purchased a “significant stake” of nearly 25,000 acres of transitional land in Phoenix, which was already pegged as a “brand-new metropolis” with a projection of about 80,000 houses.

The land investments were made via Cascade Investment LLC, per the outlet.

The report mentioned that Michael Larson, the person responsible for managing the Gates’ personal matters as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation portfolio, was also the one who’s managing the couple’s farmland.

Source: New York Post

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