Eating Raw Rotten Meat to Get “High” Is the New Trend on Social Media

  • Some people on social media are eating raw meat that has been rotting for several months.
  • The new diet trend supposedly makes you “high”.
  • Experts warn against the practice, noting the several diseases you can get from it. 

Eating rotten raw meat is becoming a trend on social media. 

Some people on social media are eating raw meat that has rotten for several months, called “high meat”, to “get high”. Eating the decomposed raw meat causes the person to feel supposedly euphoric, or “high”. 

According to IFL, some people who eat high meat don’t do it to get high, but because of the meat’s cheesy and acidic flavor. 

While eating raw and fermented meat is common around the world and has been done for centuries, take, for example, salami, the are not at all similar to “high meat” that has rotten in an uncontrolled process. 

The concept of “high meat” has been around for years, according to Vice. In 2017, an anti-vegan YouTuber ate meat that had been rotting for a year, while a r/carnivores Reddit post from two years ago asked how one might “transition into eating…rotten meat.”

Online discussion about eating high meat has resurfaced since Twitter user @superloafcat shared screenshots of pro-high meat last week, with the caption; “Losing my mind over this.” People who saw the tweet researched about the practice and were horrified. According to one Twitter user: 

“Went down a rabbit hole today of people who leave meat out and eat it raw and honestly the pictures just constantly have me on the verge of vomiting.” Another Twitter user wrote: “It might just be because food photography is hard, but…damn. I’m not converted to the ‘high meat’ movement.”

Despite what high meat advocates are claiming, experts are completely opposing the trend, saying that consuming rancid, raw meat can make you sick. 

According to Naras Lapsys, a Singapore-based consultant dietitian, the bacteria in rotten meat could be causing the “high, or hallucination, or a feeling of euphoria” after consuming it. 

“There’s all sorts of bacteria—salmonella, shigella, E. coli—all of these things that our human body might struggle with breaking down,” said Lapsys. 

Vice reports that in addition to food poisoning, eating high meat can also cause digestion issues such as diarrhea, damage to large intestines, vomiting, dehydration, and botulism.

Source: Newsweek

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