Erykah Badu creates incense that smells like her vagina


  • R&B artist Erykah Badu has revealed in 10 Magazine that she plans to advertise her new perfumed incense during the Feb.20 launching of her online store, Badu World Market.
  • Dubbed as “Badu’s Pussy”, the singer said the incense is made of the burned ashes of her underwear that she cut up into small pieces.
  • The 48-year-old added that the incense which will be the first edition will smell like her private parts.

R&B singer Erykah Badu is planning to market a new line of incense that takes the scent of her private parts. Now, the world can experience a part of Badu’s essence.

During an interview for a cover story with 10 Magazine on Wednesday, Badu said the incense, which is made from her used underwear, will be introduced during the launching of her new online store-Badu World Market- on Feb. 20. She added that her personal brand of incense dubbed as “Badu’s Pussy” will smell as advertised in its name.

“I took lots of pairs of my panties, cut them up into little pieces and burned them. “Even the ash is part of it,” she told the British publication.

Badu seemed to recognize the power and significant influence she has had over the men she dated in the past.

“There’s an urban legend that my p***y changes men,” she says in reference to rumors that had been circulating for several years. “The men that I fall in love with and fall in love with me change jobs and lives.”

Apparently, the intimate-scented incense will be a “first edition” with the 48-year-old “On & On” singer claiming that she no longer wears underwear.

Badu isn’t the only celebrity to market a product inspired by a private part. Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly started selling a candle named, “This Smells Like My Vagina” in December. However, it’s no secret that Badu has previously promoted drinking cranberry juice in a 2014 tweet as her secret for having a sweet-smelling genitalia

Source: AOL.Com

2 thoughts on “Erykah Badu creates incense that smells like her vagina

  1. Really? She can’t even come up with her own idea, Is she that desperate that she has to copy Gwyneth Paltrow’s idea? Gwyneth even said it was a joke and most of the people that bought her candle were even joking about one hilarious novelty….. I mean who wants their house full of her stank anyway?

  2. I believe it was P.T. Barnum who said (I quote this very liberally)

    “Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.”

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