Ex-cop who shot Rayshard Brooks sues mayor


  • Garrett Rolfe discharged from law enforcement files lawsuit over termination.
  • The former police officer petitions the court to order the plaintiff’s immediate reinstatement.
  • The lawsuit claimed that the plaintiff is entitled to receive treatment similar to the second police officer at the scene, who was placed on administrative duties instead of termination.

The former police officer charged with felony murder and other charges files lawsuit over termination from law enforcement. Atlanta Police Department announced the termination on June 13, in response to the former police officer’s involvement in the murder of Rayshard Brooks.

Garrett Rolfe was released on bond, under certain conditions. On Tuesday, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit, indicating that the police department conducted no investigation or pre-disciplinary hearing prior to his termination. The plaintiff failed to receive a proper notice from the department. This violated the city’s municipal code and his constitutional rights, the suit claims.

The department dispatched police officers to the restaurant, where the victim is reported sleeping inside his vehicle in the restaurant’s drive-thru lane. The incident report from the police officers indicates that the victim tried to evade arrest and pointed a pointing an electroshock weapon at one of the officers.

The plaintiff claimed that he opened fire because the victim resisted arrest and displayed “violent, unlawful, aggressive resistance to a lawful arrest.” The medical examiners put homicide for the manner of death, with two gunshot wounds to the back.

The department decided on the termination of the plaintiff, but not the second officer at the scene, who was placed on administrative duties. Devin Brosnan faces lesser charges, including aggravated assault and violating the oath as a public office.

The lawsuit claimed that the plaintiff is “entitled to receive equal treatment under the law as compared to other officers who are similarly situate,”

The lawsuit petitioned the court to order the plaintiff’s immediate reinstatement with back pay, seniority, and other benefits.

On Tuesday, the prosecutors on the case petitioned the court to suspend the defendant’s bond. The submitted motion referenced supposed violations on the specified provisions, including home confinement orders. The court documents specified that the defendant is “only allowed to leave home for medical, legal, or work-related obligations,” The Associated Press reported.

The prosecutors mentioned that the defendant “has clearly shown that he will not abide by the conditions of bond imposed by the Court.”

Atlanta Police Department declined to comment, citing the pending litigation.

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