Expectant mom conceives a third baby while pregnant with twins… How?


  • In a rare case of superfetation, a woman pregnant with twins learned she was pregnant again with a third child more than a week later.
  • The expectant mom, a TikToker said after several ultrasound scans, her doctors confirmed that what she had was indeed superfetation and not twin absorption.
  • Superfetation means a second pregnancy occurs days or weeks after the initial pregnancy as a result of another egg being fertilized in the womb.

Shortly after learning she was pregnant with twins, an expectant mother has conceived a third child.

This occurrence is a rare case of superfetation which happens when a second, new pregnancy occurs during an initial pregnancy. Meaning, another egg is fertilized by sperm in the womb days or weeks later than the first one.

Now 17 weeks along with “triplets”, the mom-to-be, a TikTok star known only as @TheBlondeBunny1, has posted in one viral video updates on what’s up with her belly.

Photo Credit: @TheBlondeBunny1 (TikTok)

“We knew it was two separate pregnancies. When you ovulate, you ovulate for 24 hours. And sperm can live in your body for up to three to five days. So our first two babies are 10 and 11 days older than our third baby,” she said to the camera. As of Tuesday morning, the video garnered 5.2 million views.

Further, she said that she had been undergoing ultrasound scans for her doctors to confirm that what she had was in fact superfetation and not twin absorption or a malnourished baby.

“Sure enough, it’s been hitting every single milestone like it’s supposed to, growing at a healthy rate, just 10 to 11 days behind the first two babies we have,” she added.

In another TikTok clip, @TheBlondeBunny1 revealed that hopefully all 3 babies will be due on the same date as long as the third baby gets past the 28-week mark.

Despite the surprise pregnancy, the Tiktoker can’t wait to become a mom for the first time.

“We wanted to be parents, and God said, ‘Watch out what you ask for,’ and gave us three at once,” she said with a laugh. “Scared, excited, so many different emotions but I can’t wait for them to be here.”

In 2017, the Post wrote a story about a surrogate mother who, while carrying a couple’s identical twins boys, was able to conceive her own child with her husband via superfetation during the same cycle when the intended parents’ embryo was transferred to her uterus.

Source: New York Post

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