First All-Electric Commercial Airplane Successfully Completes Test Flight [Video]


  • The world’s first electric commercial airplane successfully completed its initial run along the Harbour terminal in Canada earlier this month.
  • Piloted by Harbour Air, America’s biggest seaplane airline, the ePlane can carry 6 passengers and is powered by a magni500 propulsion system.
  • The project was a result of a collaboration of Harbour Air and electric aviation company magniX.

The first-ever electric commercial aircraft in the world successfully completed its test flight in Vancouver, Canada, earlier this month.

The six-passenger DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver completed its 15-minute historic flight on the Fraser River at the Harbour terminal. The plane was powered by a 750-horsepower (560 kW) magni500 propulsion system. Its flight was facilitated by Harbour Air, the biggest seaplane airline in the US, and electric aviation company magniX.

“Today, we made history,” said Greg McDougall, Harbour Air’s CEO and founder. “Canada has long held an iconic role in the history of aviation, and to be part of this incredible world-first milestone is something we can all be really proud of.”

McDougall, who also piloted the initial flight, hailed the journey as the beginning of aviation’s electric age.

Harbour Air announced its collaboration with magniX earlier this year to build the very first completely electric commercial seaplane fleet. In June 2019, the magni500 which was designed with a high-power-density electric propulsion system was featured at the Paris Air Show.

In a statement, magniX CEO Roei Ganzarski said: “In December 1903, the Wright Brothers launched a new era of transportation—the aviation age—with the first flight of a powered aircraft. Today, 116 years later, with the first flight of an all-electric powered commercial aircraft, we launched the electric era of aviation.”

Ganzarski added that the aviation industry “has been, for the most part, stagnant since the late 1930s.” But now, with their first electric-powered aircraft, a “low-cost, environmentally friendly, commercial electric air travel can be a reality in the very near future.”

MagniX and Harbour are now about to start the approval process for the propulsion system and the retrofitting of the aircraft. Once completed, the rest of the fleet can be powered by magniX’s all-electric propulsion technology.

Learn more about Harbour Air’s journey in creating the ePlane by watching the video below:


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