Florida middle school teacher reassigned after a quiz identified Trump as an ‘idiot’


  • I remember as a school kid being subjected to the same thing. Teachers need to remain objective and not try to influence young people with their personal bias and prejudices.

  • This is totally unacceptable and a bizarre behavior for a school teacher to instill such unacceptable and uncanny knowledge to the students. This teacher should say why he or she chose to introduce such type of lesson/knowledge to the child.

    • So you’re saying the teacher’s behavior is bizzare? How then do you classifly Donald Trump’s behavior?
      This seems to be Trump supporter’s response..ignore the facts and use a distraction to shift the focus.
      You almost got me ha ha.

  • Teachers should follow the curriculum their school district sets for them each school year and keep their political opinions to themselves. That teacher was unprofessional!

  • The question was replaced with the following: “What behavior is a typical symptom of chronic TDS by displaying a total lack of common sense”, as recently displayed by a foolish middle school teacher in Florida?

    A. Idiotic
    B. Moronic
    C. Total dips#!?

  • This is an unstable person never mind a twisted mind teacher who are teaching kids to be biased and disrespecting our President. She should get a job in the circus

    • Perhaps she was hoping for thought provoking dialog with her students. Of course a class discussion would have been the place for that rather than a test. Apparently it was a take home test or the student wouldn’t have been working on it at home.

  • A reply to a response: Donald Trump may be your president but he is not mine. He is an idiot in my opinion. What the teacher should have done was to make the question a 2 part question: Multiple choice as Part 1 leaving out the term idiot and Part 2 an open ended question listing words that describe some words such as idiot, stupid, smart, dumb, etc. and have students pick a word to their answer in Part 1 and express WHY they chose a single word todescribe their answer in Part 1. The teacher is so frustrated about what Trump has done to good people in this countryy. One of his former Cabinet members called him an idiot. He is an idiot and worse.

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