Harvey Weinstein reaches tentative $25M agreement with his accusers [Video]


  • The New York Times reported Wednesday that a tentative deal worth $25M was reached by Harvey Weinstein and the numerous women, including actresses and former studio employees, who accused him of sexual abuse or rape.
  • Included in the agreement is that the former film producer is not required to pay the funds himself because it will be taken care of by the Weinstein Company insurers.
  • While more than 70 women have alleged that Weinstein has committed sexual misconduct against them, he denied all of these saying both parties were in complete accord during the encounters.

Former film producer Harvey Weinstein has tentatively inked a $25 million settlement with numerous women who accused him of sexual assault, thus, ending nearly all civil lawsuits by about 30 actresses and ex-Weinstein employees whose claims ranged from sexual harassment to rape, according to the New York Times on Wednesday, citing people familiar to the matter.

In addition, the news outlet also said that under the settlement, the film mogul would not be required to acknowledge wrongdoing and pay anything because the insurers for the former Weinstein Co studio would handle the payout.

Weinstein, who has been accused by over 70 women of committing sexual misconduct even dating back decades ago, has denied all accusations claiming that the sexual encounters were all mutual.

Citing six lawyers involved in the negotiations, the newspaper reported that the complainants in the tentative agreement would make their claims in bankruptcy court while the $25 million payout will form part of a $47 million settlement which is allocated to cover the legal fees of the studio which is in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings.

However, the agreed accord does not cover other criminal charges that Weinstein faces in New York. He was accused by prosecutors of sexually assaulting two women, one in 2006 and the other in 2013.

The cases, which Weinstein deny is scheduled to go to trial on January 6, 2020.

Weinstein’s representatives declined to comment on the settlement to the Times, but said he was “looking forward” to next month’s trial. If convicted on the top counts, he could be sentenced to life in prison.


Source: AOL.Com

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