It's Raining Fish in East Texas

It’s Raining Fish: East Texas Sees Rare ‘Animal Rain’


  • Texarkana residents encountered a bizarre phenomenon near the end of last year when fish rained down from the heavens.
  • The fish are believed to have been swept up by waterspouts until they fell down with the rain.
  • Hundreds of residents recounted their experience seeing fish landing everywhere.

It’s raining fish in East Texas!



The residents of the City of Texarkana, Texas, witnessed a bizarre phenomenon as fish rained down from the sky.

“2021 is pulling out all the tricks … including raining fish in Texarkana today. And no, this isn’t a joke,” the city government wrote on Facebook on December 30.

It was believed to be a phenomenon called “animal rain.”

Some small water animals, such as fish, frogs, and crabs, can be swept up by drafts and waterspouts. They can then end up traveling for miles in a cloud until they are released to the ground, along with rainwater.

The strange weather only lasted for a few minutes, but it affected hundreds of Texarkana residents. Some shared pictures of the fish they “caught.” Others recalled how fish were found everywhere — from parking lots to residential yards.

James Audirsch, who works at a used car dealership in the town, recounted to WCIA, “There was a loud crack of thunder, and when we opened up the bay door, I looked outside, and it was raining real hard, and a fish hit the ground, and then I said, ‘It’s raining fish!'”



According to WCIA, the fish appeared to be young white bass about 4-5 inches long.

While raining fish may have been interpreted by others as a sign of impending doom, the “animal rain” phenomenon has happened before.

In 2005, thousands of frogs rained down in Odzaci, a small town in northwestern Serbia, after being lifted up by a storm’s strong winds.

In 2017, it also rained fish over an elementary school in California. Students were playing outside during recess when they were suddenly hit by the raining fish.


Source: PEOPLE

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