Kobe Bryant & Wife Vanessa Vowed to Not Fly Together On a Helicopter


  • Kobe Bryant preferred riding on a chopper to travel across southern California but he and his wife Vanessa had made a vow to never take flight together.
  • Kobe and his daughter left for Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, California, on Sunday, only to meet their untimely death in a helicopter crash.
  • The retired sportsman stringently used Zobayan-piloted choppers, an experienced licensed pilot with more than 8,000 flight hours, who also met his fate along with six others who were in the helicopter when it crashed.

Former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant preferred helicopter rides in traveling across South California. Based on the most recent report, Bryant and his spouse had made a vow never to take flight together.

“He and Vanessa had a pact never to travel together on a helicopter,” a source reported, without explaining the reason under the agreement.

In a 2018 press conference on “The Corp,” a Barstool Sports podcast, Bryant clarified his choice of using a chopper to beat the LA traffic congestion and achieve maximum time with his family throughout his playing career.

“Traffic started getting really [sic] bad. I wound up missing, a school play because I was (got stuck) in traffic. I had to figure out a way where I could still train and focus on the (job) but still not compromise family time.” explained the Lakers legend.

Thus, Bryant ventured into choppers, and in 15 minutes, he could get back and forth, and that’s when it all began. This treasured family time would include a couple of rides in Disneyworld, as he commemorated the 20th anniversary with his wife in a November thread on Instagram.

However, amid heavy mist, the helicopter caught fire in Calabasas, killing the two and seven others, among them Ara Zobayan, the veteran pilot. The source that told people regarding Bryant’s agreement with his wife still revealed the sportsman had been flying on “only” Zobayan-piloted choppers.

As of July 2019, the experienced pilot had more than 8,000 flight hours and was a licensed professional pilot, National Transportation Safety Board officials have reportedly confirmed.


Source;- NewYorkPost

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