Las Vegas officer shot at protest may be in ventilator for the rest of his life


  • While arresting protesters in Las Vegas on June 1, Officer Shay Mikalonis remains in critical condition after being shot in the head.
  • Now in life support, the officer may be hooked to the ventilator for an unknown period.
  • The suspected shooter is now facing counts of attempted murder, battery and gun charges.

Officer Shay Mikalonis, a four-year department veteran of the Las Vegas Police, was shot in the head on June 1 during a George Floyd protest at the Las Vegas Strip. Police were taking in the demonstrators when Mikalonis went down.      

A case prosecutor said that police video shows “visual evidence of the actual act” of the officer being shot while arresting protesters.    

Suspected shooter Edgar Samaniego, 20, is now facing battery and gun charges, and counts of attempted murder.

Mikalonis, 29, was in extremely critical condition and on life support when rushed to the University Medical Center.  He had successful surgery on a shattered jaw, but is still very critical at the UMC Trauma.  “He is awake and appears to recognize his family.”  

The family said in a statement that, “Our concern is for Shay and only Shay. We hope and pray that one day he will leave UMC Trauma and go to a rehabilitation facility [where] they can work on Shay’s quality of life, whatever that may be.”

The President of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, Steve Grammas, thanked cops and supporters for the continued support to Officer Mikalonis and the other officers.

A fundraiser for Mikalonis, nicknamed ‘Shay Day’,  and his family is planned. The event is being organized by the Injured Officers Police Fund, and all proceeds will go to the Mikalonis family.

‘Please join us and sign a card and/or donate directly to the family as we rally this amazing community of Las Vegas together to support the recovery of Shay,’ the organization said.

Source: New York Post

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