Lego is launching an LGBTQ+ set [Video]

  • LEGO is launching an LGBTQ+ set called “Everyone Is Awesome” to kick off the Pride Month celebrations.
  • The set comes with eleven figures that come in every color of the rainbow, as well as white, brown, and black.
  • The set will be sold starting June 1.  

LEGO is launching a set called “Everyone Is Awesome” in time for Pride month. 

The set was first created by an employee to design their office desk. 

In a press release, Matthew Ashton, set designer and LEGO’s vice president of design, said he wanted to create a model that celebrates everyone and represents inclusivity.

The set includes eleven figures that come in every color of the rainbow to incorporate the transgender flag. The white, black, and brown stripes symbolize the unique struggles for the members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Save for one that resembles a drag queen, the rest of the set is not gender-specific. 

Ashton told the Guardian that while growing up as an LGBTQ+ kid, he was always told what to play with, how to walk and talk, and what to wear, which gave him the impression that he was “wrong”. He said he felt exhausted trying to be someone he wasn’t. “I wish, as a kid, I had looked at the world and thought: ‘This is going to be OK, there’s a place for me’. I wish I’d seen an inclusive statement that said ‘everyone is awesome,” Ashton said.  

Lego will start selling the set on June 1, signaling the start of Pride Month that leads to the commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots. According to a report by The Hill, the campaign for this year comes as state lawmakers are introducing a law that is aimed at transgender and gender nonconforming youth who have a high risk of committing suicide. 

The LEGO Group is partnering with Workplace Pride, Stonewall, and Open for Business, in advertising a diverse and inclusive workplace all over the world.

Jane Burkitt, an LGBTQ+ employee at Lego who works in supply chain operations, told The Guardian that in the six years that she’s been working for Lego, she has never hesitated to be herself while in the office, unlike in other places. “When I joined Lego, I hoped it would be an inclusive place – but I didn’t know. People like me wonder, ‘will I be welcome here?’ And the answer is yes – but this set means that, now, everyone knows it,” Burkitt told The Guardian. 

Source: The Hill

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