Library book returned after 14 years


  • A library in Scotland said a book was returned after being overdue for 14 years.
  • The patron didn’t realize they still had the book.
  • The library said they encourage everyone to double-check their shelves for any items they might’ve borrowed before COVID-19 lockdowns — or earlier.

Is there any way we could waive the late fee on this?

A Scottish library received an overdue book after 14 years.

ONFife, the operator of all libraries in the Fife region, said staff informed a customer of a book they’d never returned: “The Amazing Maurice” by Terry Pratchett. The patron initially borrowed the book in 2007, according to records.

Officials said the patron didn’t realize they still had the book but returned it the next day after searching their home.

“We encourage everyone to check their bookcases for any items they might have borrowed before lockdown, or even longer before that,” Yvonne Melville, service development team leader, said.

“We will give each one a warm welcome, and we’re sure the next person to read it will appreciate it having been returned.”

ONFife said they’re still waiving late fines, but their stock is running low.

“We know you all LOVE our library books, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy them,” Fife Libraries wrote in a Facebook post.

Source: Edinburgh News

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