Man admits to murdering his grandma in shocking truth or dare confession


  • During a game of truth or dare, a 21-year-old confessed to killing his stepgrandmother.
  • Tiernan Darton set 94-year-old Mary Gregory’s home on fire. She succumbed to her injuries a few days later.
  • A judge sentenced Darton to life in prison with a minimum of 15 years.

A 21-year-old UK man received a life sentence after confessing during a game of truth or dare that he killed his stepgrandmother.

Tiernan Darton set 94-year-old Mary Gregory’s home ablaze on May 28, 2018, trapping her inside. Authorities found Gregory under a table in her home.

Four days later, Gregory succumbed to her injuries. Investigators initially ruled her death as an accident caused by a cigarette.

However, police reopened the case in 2019 after Darnton incriminated himself. He reportedly told a counselor about a friend “who could send me to prison ’cause of what he knows.”

As it turns out, he had made a similar confession shortly after the fire during a game of truth or dare.

“I have a secret I haven’t told anyone — I may have killed someone,” he said. He told his friends that he set the fire because he didn’t want his stepgrandmother to suffer from dementia anymore.

He later confessed to the counselor and his stepfather, Chris Gregory.

“No one could seriously think that trapping an elderly woman in a burning building was an act of mercy,” said Justice Amanda Louise Yip, who sentenced Darnton to life with a minimum of 15 years. “Murder had been on your mind for some time.”

“You had dark thoughts. Internet searches which you made before and after you killed Mrs. Gregory paint a worrying picture,” Yip said. “Your opportunity to act on your dark thoughts came when your stepfather was away.”

“It is hard to imagine the horror Mrs. Gregory must have felt when she realized her house was on fire and was filling with smoke,” the judge continued. “Her final days were spent in hospital. Quite understandably, her condition in those days continues to haunt those who loved her. The manner of her death was particularly cruel.”

Source: Sky News

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