Man dies after drinking 1.5 liters of Coca-Cola in 10 minutes


  • Doctors claim that a man died after quickly drinking 1.5 liters of Coca-Cola in 10 minutes.
  • The 22-year-old chugged the fizzy beverage to cool off on a hot day.
  • Doctors say, as a result, he died of a fatal gas buildup.

In China, a man reportedly died of a fatal gas buildup after chugging a large amount of Coca-Cola in 10 minutes.

The 22-year-old quickly drank a 1.5-liter bottle of Coke to hydrate during a hot day. Six hours later, he suffered from a swollen stomach and severe pain. So, he went to Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing.

Tests revealed an elevated heart rate, low blood pressure, and rapid breathing. A CT scan showed aberrant levels in his intestinal wall and portal vein, which delivers blood to the liver.

The aberrant levels, in turn, led to a hepatic ischemia, or “shock liver,” which is caused by a lack of oxygen to the organ.

Then, doctors promptly started treatment. They attempted to release the gas from his digestive system and administered medication to help protect his organs from further damage.

The medical staff’s efforts were futile, as the man died 18 hours later.

However, some experts don’t think the man died from a Coke overdose.

“The chances of downing 1.5 litres, or a little over three pints, of a regular soft drink being fatal would be very, very unlikely,” said Professor Nathan Davies, a biochemist at University College London. “I mean, staggeringly unlikely.”

Davies believes the patient might’ve suffered a bacterial infection, but he would need more information to say for sure.

Source: Daily Mail

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