Man outraged over gross surprise in daughter’s Amazon order


  • Yeah, and how do you PROVE they didn’t do that themselves? with all the hateful competition out there today and people being actually PAID to write false and misleading reviews which has been proven, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was all staged, a hell of a lot of business’s want to take Amazon down, I’m not saying mistakes don’t happen, but I’ve dealt with Amazon for years and years including just recently with returning over 6 items that I ordered, (clothing that I didn’t know which one or style I’d like the best) nothing wrong with any of the items, and they were so quick to refund my money on every item it even surprised me! So, who knows if this is legit or staged, you could even do the dirty work yourself, put it back in the box, glue it up and then open it in front of others like it was the first time opening it! there’s all kinds of different ways of staging it! Even a disgruntled employee from Amazon could be responsible for the prank, I just don’t think its proper to throw a headline out there to eye catch people into reading a story leaving them with the thoughts that it was the online place of business that did something horrible!! I for one am NOT a fan of Jeff Bezos, but I have to admit I love Amazon, their amount of products, speed of shipping, and super fast returns makes them my 1st choice on my go to websites when I need anything!!

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