Man Punches Shark That Attacked Wife [Video]

  • An Australian man punched a great white shark that attacked his wife while surfing at Shelley Beach, New South Wales.
  • The 10-feet-long juvenile shark had already bitten his wife’s calf and back of the thigh when he punched it.
  • The wife is now in stable condition in a hospital after undergoing surgery.

Mark Rapley never thought he’d be punching a great white shark. But he did just that when his wife got attacked by a predator while surfing in Shelley Beach, New South Wales.

His wife, Chantelle Doyle was surfing when she was attacked by the shark and got her right calf and the back of her thigh bitten. Mark saved her by punching the young shark until it released its grip on her wife.  

Rapley said, “When you see the mother of your child, and your support, everything that’s who you are, you just react. You start thinking, amazingly, where to punch, so you’re like, I’ll just attack the eye or whatever, you just start thinking differently, I suppose.”

Other surfers and bystanders assisted the couple and emergency personnel treated Doyle’s injuries before she was airlifted to John Hunter Hospital.  She was operated on and is now in stable condition, according to the police.

Andrew Beverley of the NSW Ambulance said, “The bystanders on scene that rendered assistance should be commended. They did an amazing job before we arrived.”

In a statement, Surf Life Saving NSW CEO Steven Pearce said, “Our thoughts are with the young lady who was injured in the shark attack this morning. And we’d like to praise her fellow surfers who came to her aid so quickly.”

Surf Life Saving NSW is a network of volunteer surf lifesavers and professional lifeguards in NSW.

Pierce added, “Our lifesavers and lifeguards moved quickly to close beaches in the area and are now working closely with the NSW Department of Primary Industries to monitor the area to ensure there are no longer sharks in the vicinity.”

Following the attack, the beaches in the area were closed and remain closed for a minimum of 24 hours. 

According to Nine News, Doyle’s shark attacker was a juvenile that measured 10 feet long.

Over the last few months, there have been three other serious shark attacks including a 15-year old who was mauled and died after. 

Source: PEOPLE

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