Mom Thought She Found ‘Brain-Eating Worm’ In Son’s Ear


  • A post about a mother thinking her son had a brain-eating worm has just gone viral on Facebook.
  • It turns out that the “worm” was a rolled-up tape that his son later told her that he could not pull out of his ears.
  • The distraught mother felt embarrassed but relieved at the same time to know it was not a “brain-eating worm”.

It was the stuff that mothers are afraid of. A son’s itchy ear complaint and extracting a foreign body from his ear. 

The UK mom’s instinct was to bring his son to the medical center immediately and have him checked by a doctor.  Doctors examined him and had the “item” tested at the laboratory.

The result: It was not a “brain-eating” worm but a rolled-up masking tape.

Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media

The mom might have been embarrassed with the results but at the same time she is relieved and took to Facebook.  The incident happened in 2019 but it has just gone viral.

Gemma Tyson, 39, posted a photo of the offending “parasite” and wrote: “I wasted the doctor’s time.”  

In the same post she said that when her son Ashton who was 10 then, complained to her of an “itchy ear”, she yanked the “big ball of wax” from his ear with a tweezer. But it kept on unfolding and described, “It was like a sticky/waxy texture that you couldn’t pull apart” and thought “Oh my God, he has a giant worm in his ear.”

At the medical center where he had her son examined, a lab test proved that it was not a worm but a masking tape.

It was only after the doctor’s appointment that her son told her, “I wonder if it’s the tape I put in my ear the other week as I couldn’t get that out.”

She might have been embarrassed with how she reacted but relieved at the same time that her fear did not come true.

She then asked other parents what their kids have inserted to their ears and forgot to inform you.

To which one parent answered, “My son has had play doh, stickers, paper, and orange peel in his ear.”

Tyson might have been embarrassed but it is still better to be safe than sorry.

Source: New York Post

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