More People Recorded Dead Because of Selfies Than by Shark Attacks, Survey Says [Video]


  • Selfies went bad resulting in more untimely demise than that coming from shark attacks, according to a recent study.
  • The fad, because of the risk and intentional self-portrait, was labeled “Selfiecide.”
  • While many of the cases recorded caused death, there are also several instances of injury.

A recent survey says that 41 percent of people have already taken a selfie on riskier situations, while more than 50% are willing to pose on the edge of a cliff to have a unique photo.

Among the respondents, 3 percent admitted that they visit a tourist spot to frame the scenery, and fourth of them confessed that they already put someone else’s life in danger to capture great shots.

Apparently, vanity is more prevalent today, more than it has ever been, and this is even up to the point where people endanger their lives and others to please their desire for attention., a phone case company, has conducted a poll to 2,023 people, consists of 1,024 men and 999 women, to learn up to what extent the respondents are willing to take for that Instgrammable moment.

The survey determined that men have more tendency, at 61 percent, to take riskier photos by being ok with selfies over cliffs, as against females with only 38 percent.

This recent study was only seven months from subsequent research that took account of dangerous selfies, which was aptly called “selficides.”

Statistics show that out of 10 cases, more than 1 or 11 percent have already been injured by just taking selfies. The cause of injuries varies, from accidents with the sea waves, bike, as well as falling downhill.

The Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, based in India, has learned that between the years 2011 to 2017,  selfie death cases all over the world accounted for 259 people against merely 50 people dying from shark attacks.

Some might say that 259 death cases within a seven-year period may be minimal, but the study showed that selfie-related mortalities have since risen. While only three were recorded in 2011, these numbers went up in 2017 with 93.

Though many selfies didn’t result in death, data was comprised of various accidents from serious to simply absurd. Only March of last year, a woman traversed a fence in Arizona just to take a selfie. She was mauled by a jaguar, but luckily she only sustained injury.

Another female, two years earlier, was not lucky, though. Aurora Genai, 14,  a cheerleader from Oregon, died while taking pictures with her friends on a log at a beach in Bandon. It was reported that as the tide regressed, it lugged the timber out from beneath them. The log pinned Aurora as it rolled off the girl’s top.

Selfies mostly display smiles from people who do it, but for an 18-year-old Israeli, Tomer Frankfurter, that was his last.  In September 2018,  Tomer plunged 600 feet down while he hanged from a ledge in Yosemite National Park to take a self-portrait.

Source: NewYorkPost

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