NAACP reports black man beaten in Iowa believed to be a racial attack [Video]


  • A 22-year-old black man was attacked in Des Moines, Iowa, while he visited his girlfriend.
  • As described by the victim, three white men attacked and almost killed him, yelling racial insults during the quarrel. 
  • NAACP believes the mugging was racially-motivated, while police authorities are yet to establish the reason based on evidence.                  

According to reports, a young black man in Iowa was attacked by no less than three white men who accused him of breaching into a neighboring home.

Officials of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and DarQuan Jones, the 22-year old victim, demands answers in what they perceived to be an ethnically motivated attack last Saturday in Des Moines.

Jones was at Iowa to visit his girlfriend, as reported by Des Moines Register.

According to reports, the white men seemed to be drunk and questioned Jones’ presence in the area.

Jones told the outlet that he was standing at his girlfriend’s door when he answered, and that’s when the three men mugged him, adding that he already knew something wrong was bound to happen as soon as they were approaching.

The 22-year old run, but the men were able to catch up they proceeded to choke and beat him up in a close field.

The suspects afterward dragged Jones to a creek, and he started screaming when he heard a gun cocking. Two women ran toward the scene after hearing Jones, and the three men hurried away while shouting racial insults.

Jones recalled the experience as life-threatening, saying there were instances where he can’t breathe.

WHO-TV reported that Jones made a full account of the case on Tuesday with Des Moines NAACP officials, and he suffered several fractures in the face, a broken arm and nose during the attack.

Des Moines police spokesperson said on Thursday that Police investigators now have two suspected individuals they’re looking into who is involved in the mugging.

In an email,  police representative Sgt. Paul Parizek said that there’s an indication the attack was not a random pick. While they still have to establish a motive, detectives are looking at racism as a possible reason.

Sgt. Parizek’s email also noted that proof had not been determined that could either attests or refutes that the beating was racially-driven.

NAACP’s Des Moines chapter president, Kameron Middlebrooks, believes the men who pounce on Jones are aged around 30s.

Middlebrooks told NBC News that the victim and witnesses clearly described what happened, and it was a hate crime, noting that they respect the process still despite racial insults during the confrontation.

Source: New York Post


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