Parody Dating Site Attracts Users, 10,000 People Sign Up


  • Ten thousand people reportedly applied to be featured on the fake dating site.
  • The app called Amazon Dating has a design similar to the biggest online selling platform in the US, Amazon, where the parody was based from.
  • Some viewers find the fake platform inappropriate, although they know that it was just for fun.

With the advent of online shopping and dating apps, such tasks are now pretty much easy to do. This is what inspired Suzy Shinn, Morgan Gruer,  and Ani Acopian, to put up an online platform that’s similar to Amazon shopping but for those who are looking for dates.

The app looks real; however, the online site aptly called Amazon Dating is just a parody.

The content creators, together with animators Thinko, went on to produce a fake dating site that can give users an experience that can be associated with shopping, according to the Insider.

Amazon Dating made it appear that different people are there to “sell” themselves through their profiles similar to that of the online store’s product page. Each person’s profile came with price, details, ratings, fun facts, and even Prime shipping option.

Photo Credit : Amazon Dating site Screen Capture
Photo Credit : Amazon Dating site Screen Capture

Overall, the user experience design is disturbingly akin to Amazon’s online shopping site.

Photo Credit : Amazon Dating site Screen Capture

And just like the e-commerce site, users can browse for would-be dates; then, they can select and “buy” the one they like. When the selection was made, a notification message also appears on the screen.

The developers also added some features such as the “non-ghosting agreement”  that can be downloaded in the “Legal” tab.

According to a report by Refinery29, the people listed on the site are friends of the creators; however, there are apparently 10,000 other people who would like to be featured on the site since the app was launched.

Although the project is novel and was created to be satirical toward how Amazon seems to take over most aspects in modern life, including social media sites such as Facebook, who’s also into the dating feature recently,  some have aired their concerns on this development.

Some find the varying costs of different people who are featured quite alarming.

Meanwhile,  the creators and their partner animation company, Thinko, reiterated in their FAQ section that all features of the fake app platform were just a parody.

However, many people are not comfortable with the notion of making a profit with humans seemingly portrayed as products, especially now, February is Black History Month.

Source: AOL

One thought on “Parody Dating Site Attracts Users, 10,000 People Sign Up

  1. Be careful. As a private detective I get a few cases every year of someone who signs up with a dating sight. They meet a person and share intimate details and photographs with them. Then, they get a note saying that unless so much money is paid that video of them (playing with themselves) is going everywhere. Know what? The clients had often paid by the time they came to me. The average extortion was for $500.00, but one guy paid 50K.

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