Piled up corpses stored in vacant rooms in Detroit hospital


  • Photos acquired by CNN from an emergency room worker showed bodies piled up on top of each other inside a vacant room at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit.
  • Two ER workers told CNN that the room that was utilized for storing the bodies used to be a study room.
  • Brian Taylor, the hospital’s spokesperson, emphasized that the hospital was focused on reinforcing their nursing resources to attend to the volume of patients.

From an emergency room worker, the CNN acquired photos of dead bodies stored in vacant hospital rooms at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit. The bodies were then transferred inside refrigerated holding units—piled on top of each other—which were placed in the hospital’s parking lot.

The photos accurately portray the situation in the hospital in early April, according to two other ER workers.

Blue bags shown in the photo were the personal belongings of the departed.

To protect their jobs, the ER workers requested to be anonymous as they spoke with CNN. The two sources told the news agency that at least one room, which was typically used to study sleeping habits, was converted to a storage of corpses because the morgue was already full and morgue workers did not work at night.

One ER worker said, “AlI know is we ran out of beds to keep our patients on so we couldn’t spare any for the bodies… …we hadn’t gotten our outside freezers yet, so those rooms had beds and the morgue people don’t work over night.”

Photo Credit: health worker provided to CNN

In response to the incident, two ER staff told CNN that the hospital would order portable refrigerator storage units to keep the bodies.

Five refrigerated storage units were visible in the parking lot when CNN went to the hospital on Saturday.

Replying to CNN’s request for a comment, Brian Taylor, hospital spokesperson, informed CNN that “Patients who pass away at our hospital are treated with respect and dignity, remaining on-site until they can be appropriately released… Like hospitals in New York and elsewhere, we have secured additional resources such as mobile refrigeration units to help temporarily manage the capacity issue caused by COVID-19.”

The hospital was attending to around 100 to 130 patients at a time which recorded the highest volume in early April, six ER workers told CNN. The volume has, however, decreased significantly to about 50 patients over the past days.

Taylor emphasized that the hospital aims to reinforce nursing resources to attend to the volume of patients.

Source: CNN.com

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