Post Super Bowl Victory: Tom Brady to have a “minor” knee surgery


  • After winning the Super Bowl, Tom Brady is reported to have a “minor” knee surgery.
  • It looks like he was already battling with the knee injury during the championship game.
  • Nevertheless, the top player gave stellar performance, recording his highest touchdown output of 40 during the regular season.

It appears that quarterback Tom Brady led his team to a Super Bowl win despite battling a “minor” knee injury.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ top player will undergo a surgery to correct the issue during the offseason; Bucs head coach Bruce Arians called it “a clean-up.”

Perhaps, the “avocado tequila” was not really the reason why Brady couldn’t walk straight during the team’s celebration on Wednesday — he could be bearing it all along.

A minor knee surgery doesn’t sound like a serious problem that will lead to one of the greatest quarterbacks’ doom. However, considering that Brady will be turning 44 next season, the minority of this issue may not be that trivial at all, especially that he is expected to play next season.

Nonetheless, supporters may not have anything to be seriously worried about as Brady shows no sign of deterioration yet. He was never a burden in his team. In fact, the football superstar was a big help to the Bucs’ success.

In the regular season, Brady threw for 40 touchdowns against 12 interceptions, his highest touchdown score since 2007, when he was only 30.

Followers will likely have something to look forward to from Brady next season, as long as his body doesn’t break down on him.

It sounds unlikely for the football icon to be just taken down by a minor knee surgery.


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